Classy Roger .. Fed and Rafa are okay :D

Roger Federer says that his personal relationship with Rafael Nadal has not deteriorated because they disagreed about ATP political issues, such as a two-year ranking system. In Australia, Nadal criticized Federer, who is the ATP Players Council president, for not taking enough public stands. “It’s very easy to say, ‘I say nothing’. Everything is positive, I am a gentleman and burn the rest, ” Nadal said at the time.

Federer told El Pais in Madrid that over the past six months the two have barely had a chance to talk, but that they do want to sit down and have a conversation.

"I am happy that all these political issues are a thing of the past," said Federer. "[But] there has been no damage to our relationship. All we’re trying to do both is to get the best for our sport. That’s the key. For me, with respect to Rafa, nothing has changed. I still respect him the same way as before. It was the first time we disagreed. How do you face that? Talking. And we have not had the chance. For me everything is fine.. What he said in the press in Australia did not hurt one bit, honestly. I think it was unfortunate for him because he had to backtrack and apologize. Rafa did not need to do it, to apologize. What happened … happened. I know he is great for the sport and I’m sure that we will get it to work again."

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